Transplant Advantage

Patient-Centered Care
We understand the unique needs of patients before and after transplant. BioScrip® offers specialized clinical programs to support the individual needs of patients throughout the transplant process. The BioScrip program combines infusion best practices with focused transplant care expertise to promote patient compliance and optimal health outcomes.
  • Program management with transplant experienced and ABTC certified Nurse Leaders
  • Care coordination strategies to reduce adverse events with focus on transition management across all care settings
  • Registered nurses, pharmacists and dietitians with demonstrated competencies obtained through a standardized transplant curriculum
  • Individualized, transplant-specific patient education and care planning
  • Ongoing therapy related, transplant clinical monitoring
  • Care team alignment with transplant center coordinators and physicians
  • Robust data, outcomes reporting and timely communication to care teams
  • Site of service options include Home, Clinic, or Ambulatory Infusion Centers
Therapies & Services
  • Continuous Inotropes
  • Nutritional Therapies
  • Desensitization & Rejection Therapies
  • Anti-Infectives
  • Pain Management
  • Coordination of Ancillary Service
To learn more about BioScrip's Transplant services, please contact: infusionservices@bioscrip.com

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