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Patient-Centered Care
BioScrip® is a provider of comprehensive home nutrition services including enteral and parenteral nutrition therapies. We understand good nutrition is a life-long necessity and the cornerstone of wellness. Our clinicians work with patients, caregivers and other members of the healthcare team to develop a unique plan of care for every patient receiving nutrition therapy. Recognizing the life-altering impact of nutrition therapies, our goal is to improve quality of life, minimize complications and promote patient satisfaction.
  • Nutrition therapy is managed by a team of dedicated clinicians to promote optimal nutrition support and positive patient outcomes.
  • The BioScrip nutrition support team evaluates and manages the patient's response to therapy and advancement toward treatment goals.
  • Each home nutrition support patient receives regular follow up by the BioScrip nutrition support team based on clinical status and patient/caregiver need.
  • In addition to being a contracted Medicare supplier, BioScrip has a number of strategic partnerships with managed care companies and other payors.
"I have received IV nutrition for many years. Since joining the BioScrip family – I have never felt better. My Nutrition team follows every aspect of my care, not just the TPN, but medication changes, what I eat, everything related to my medical care." - K.M., Galivants Ferry, SC
"I am an active part of my care and treatment. My nutrition support team talks to me about lab results, changes to my TPN, asks me what I need. They are always giving me information and helping me learn more about my therapy and diagnosis. I am one happy camper!" - N.H., Summerville, SC
To learn more about BioScrip's nutrition support services, please contact: infusionservices@bioscrip.com

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