Antimicrobial Therapies

A Better Approach to Infusion Care
BioScrip® brings together a collaborative team and information to offer unique perspectives, insights, and truly informed accounts of what’s happening with your patients before, during, and after their infusion therapy.
At BioScrip, we live and work by two simple words: “We’re there.” For patients, we’re in their homes, by their sides, helping them get the individualized therapy they require and the attention they deserve. For providers, we’re your “eyes and ears” on the ground, monitoring progress, exchanging critical patient details, and saving you time.
Helping every step of the way
Our patients receive personalized, safe, effective and convenient anti-infective therapies to help improve quality of life. Our team of professionals will assist each patient in each step of their home infusion experience. From the beginning BioScrip will assign a dedicated intake professional to provide optimal reimbursement assistance. Upon admission to our service, therapy will be monitored by experienced clinicians (pharmacists and nurses) that will coordinate care with patients, caregivers and prescribers to help ensure a successful and satisfying experience.
Some of the benefits and services our home anti-infective therapy team offers:
  • Earlier discharge from the hospital or avoiding hospitalization altogether.
  • Weekly call from the BioScrip pharmacy team to ensure therapy is going well.
  • Monitoring of laboratory values that are relevant to the prescribed therapy.
  • Optimizing anti-infective therapy based on lab results (pharmacokinetic monitoring) and patient assessments (therapeutic monitoring).
  • Administering the first dose of therapy in the home when appropriate based on the judgment of the prescriber and clinical team.
  • Coordination with patient’s health care providers to help ensure positive responses to the therapy provided.
  • Patient education on all aspects of the medication prescribed and expectation of the nursing care to be provided.
As a nationwide leader in infusion therapy and clinical management services our goal at BioScrip is to meet our patient's personal, medical and therapy needs in order to provide exceptional service to our patients, their families, their caregivers and our prescribers.
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